Shane Blackheart

Non-binary/xenogender (they/them) artist & author of dark queer fantasy & horror books.


Many years ago, Zagan, a vampire, loved his sister. Tetsu, an elf, loved an abuser. Together, they've formed a bond that is often questionable because of the many secrets between them. When these dark secrets come to light, they begin to realize just how unhealthy their coping mechanisms are. For Tetsu, it's masochism in a way that only Zagan can deliver. For Zagan, it's hiding the pain caused by PTSD behind intimate encounters.

While trapped in a Wonderland Hell after following their own figurative white rabbits -- the ghosts of their past lovers -- they must take an oath of purity given by a blind demi-god, and they are greeted with several trials that will test not only their mental strength, but the walls they have built to keep their pasts at bay. They must confront ghosts face to face they tried so hard to erase, and they must repair the crumbling partnership that has helped them survive if they want to see their home again.

My Art

Some images are blurred due to a content warning; gore or self-harm imagery. Tap/click them to see the uncensored picture.

Lord Deminas for L.B. Shimaira from her book, My Lord.

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